“I cannot give …

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure–which is: Try to please everybody.”

-Herbert Bayard Swope

This is basically another way of saying you can’t please everybody. You will always find the people who are dead-set in their ways and believe that everyone is out to get them. It’s sad to think about, but perhaps these kinds of people have lost something or someone in their lives that caused them to turn into a negative person. You have to let these people find happiness themselves if they are close-minded.

On that note, don’t stop trying to be a people-pleaser. You are commendable for trying to help as many people as you can. That is a great goal in life that you should never lose sight of.


Looking for Leaders


Do you desire to be a leader? You’re in luck because your campus is filled with opportunities to exploit your leadership skills. From starting a new club sport, to being a part of a group discussion in our debate team, you will have students looking up to you for guidance and expertise. Before heading over to student services to make your proposal, be sure to understand everything that a leader represents and works for.

In order to be looked up to by your peers, you have to have complete confidence in everything you do and say. Know that the principles you set for your team could be remembered for a lifetime. Seek out other students who are like-minded and who share the same morals as you. It will be a lot easier to mobilize your constituents when you all have a similar work ethic and drive to accomplish great things. Even students who lack the motivation to work as a team will be able to look to you as an example of how they should compose themselves. Be prepared to take a few falls before you salvage success.

Living on campus can be fun, but there are many challenges to be faced when pursuing the leading role in a group effort. A proposal may be declined multiple times before you finally talk to the right person to help you make that next leap forward. Anything can happen when being the leader of a team. Your scheduled meeting could get rained out or there could be conflicting schedules within the group. Bottom line… being the leader and taking charge is no walk-in-the-park. Be prepared for any outcome, and then plan one step ahead to be able to confidently lead your team onto the next task. I can say from my own experiences that you need some sort of goal or essence to keep you motivated as a leader.

When someone asks me what I did over the summer, I tell him or her that I was busy being a leader. Every day I helped bring a new perspective to people all over the world through my website and YouTube channel. “How did you have the mindset to stick with it?” they would ask. The answer is, I stayed motivated by reminding myself that I was carrying my mother’s legacy through sharing her teachings with my readers and viewers. That’s the kind of purpose you need to keep at heart in order to motivate yourself to lead a strong team. Above all, the secret to being a successful leader, as told by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, is love.

After going to great lengths at researching and studying The Student Leadership Challenge, the number one principle I took away from it was that love is what defines a successful leader. “It is hard to imagine getting up each day and working real hard if you don’t put your heart into your work and your work into your heart” (pg. 156). As Kouzes and Posner stated, “Leadership is an affair of the heart,” so go out there and pursue a leading role in a team that you can put your heart and soul into; Something that you can wake up to every morning and be excited to lead and partake in. With the principles of confidence, perseverance, motivation, and love, you are not only guaranteed to be a successful student leader, but also a lifelong leader.

What Happened, and What Will Happen

mother_and_son_posters-r992cd2bcad3e48008119510fb34e7b25_azsy4_8byvr_512Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you’ve done in recent past? From what you did a couple minutes ago, to what you did a couple years ago. I think a lot about the past two years of my life, perhaps to simply find satisfaction in the things I’ve done. I finished off my junior and senior years in yet another new school. Yet I keep asking myself if I did the right thing in my new high school. It’s sad to reflect upon my academic performance this way, but I just feel like I could’ve achieved so much more. The new school environment just didn’t feel right. You’re probably thinking that I should’ve been able to adapt to a new school just fine after doing it once before, and writing a book about my experience. But something life changing happened this second time I switched schools. During my first move, I had all my family members right beside me… guiding me down the right path. I mostly have my mother to thank for my strong performance in my first new school. She was awesome! She was the one who persisted that I write a book about my move and achievements, with the sole purpose of helping others. But then, right when I moved again, my mother unexpectedly passed away. The number one driving force to guide me to achieve great things, was now gone… and she wasn’t coming back. I can’t forget to mention my dad though; He’s done a great job juggling the new family responsibilities he was forced to take control of. But I guess this is what I keep reminding myself of… Experiencing the early loss of my mother made my thoughts scatter out of control during my last two years of high school. I was no longer very interested in socializing, or extracurricular activities, or chasing after a girl. That was all put on hold, as my family came first. But I can say at this point, things are looking up. Family matters have improved over time and I’m ready give my 100% effort going into college. Everything you read probably seemed really depressing, and I don’t want anyone to be left feeling down. That’s why I’d like to direct you to my YouTube channel, where you can find a wide selection of upbeat and helpful videos. I have a video series called “aThott” where I give practical advice to certain life situations. Throughout these episodes I give comical examples and scenarios to these challenges. I encourage you to check out my channel(Flixonix), at the link below.

Thank you, and don’t forget to check back for more daily posts and fun stuff!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Flixonix

When Opportunity Knocks

An opportunity by definition is “an appropriate or favorable time or occasion; a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal; a good position, chance or prospect for advancement or success.” (www.dictionary.com 2011)

The important thing is to seize an opportunity when it appears, because these chances will show up, but then often quickly disappear. Opportunities won’t wait for you to just sit around; you have to take action right away. If you don’t, you might lose your chance to take advantage of it.  It could be a long time before it or something like it comes along again, or it may never come along again.  So look at an opportunity that’s in front of you and ask yourself if this would be good for you?  If so . . . go for it . . . that’s what life is all about . . . having great experiences!

Let me give you an example: If your math teacher gives you a chance to re-take a test that you did poorly on, you probably want to grab-a-hold of that opportunity instantly. You can’t wait to tell your teacher that you want to take it later because your teacher will only give you this chance once at a specific time. If you miss this chance, then guess what… you’re stuck with a bad grade.  If you seize the opportunity & retake the test after putting in a little more study effort . . . you could dramatically improve your grade! That’s how opportunities work! They’re in your favor, but not for long if you don’t take action on them. So when the next opportunity knocks, say yes and just do it for your own benefit!

And let me just state, so we’re clear, that everyone needs to use their head about this.  If an “opportunity” comes up that could put you or others in danger, then obviously that’s not the kind of opportunity we’re talking about.  Opportunity, as stated in the 1st sentence, refers to something positive that you can take advantage of and benefit from.

Confidence- Why Is This So Important?

What is it? 
Confidence is being sure of oneself; having no uncertainty. Confidence is when you believe in yourself and you aren’t afraid of what might happen. A confident individual knows that they have the power to accomplish anything.

Why is it important?  
Confidence is crucial to achieve success. People like being around others who are confident.  People respect others who are confident.  People feel confident around others who are confident and feel they can trust the confident person.  People want to do business with others who are confident. Image a hairstylist for example who wasn’t confident.  Would you pay them to sit in their chair and cut your hair if they can’t even handle the scissors properly?

How do you achieve confidence?
It’s all about putting yourself in the proper mindset. Keep telling yourself, that you will do well at anything you set your mind to. And keep practicing things that you may be afraid of.  As you continue to get better through repetition, this will boost your confidence and will help you overcome the fears that hold you back.

And remember, if you want respect (and who doesn’t) be confident and be nice.  That’s a winning combination!