Writer’s Block

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Guilty Pleasures

Image¬†We all have something that we like to do or play with that we keep secret from others. It could be a certain type of toy that you’ve liked collecting ever since you were a kid. Or you might like scrap-booking or keeping a journal. There’s no shame in any of these activities, but for some reason, we don’t like to share our “guilty pleasures” with others. Take a second to think about why that is. Maybe you’re afraid of how people will react. Before you know it, people are spreading rumors and your reputation is ruined. Okay… that was a little too dramatic. The key is to be proud of whatever you like to do. If you end up telling someone about your guilty pleasure, you got to “play it up”. Talk about it like it’s the coolest thing: “Yeah I play with Legos, they’re freaking awesome!” or “Dude, Dungeons and Dragons is the best game ever, you should try it!” If you have a strong passion and stay cool about it, people will accept you for who you are.