Writer’s Block

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aThott: The Good Old Days

Everyone’s got a hobby… wouldn’t it be cool if your hobby became your job? That’s what I work towards achieving through my YouTube videos. I absolutely love every step in film production. From writing the script, to filming, to making the dream become a reality in editing. This is what I love to do! As I touched upon in an earlier post, I run a video series called “aThott”. I bring up thought provoking ideas while inserting humorous scenarios throughout the episodes. I would be extremely grateful if you would give a moment of your time to watching some of my content. Please subscribe to my channel, Flixonix, on YouTube if you like what you see. I will be making new videos every week and new blog-posts every day in an effort to reach my goal at turning my passion into my career. More importantly, my upmost goal is to help others in some fashion through my words and videos.