“I cannot give …

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure–which is: Try to please everybody.”

-Herbert Bayard Swope

This is basically another way of saying you can’t please everybody. You will always find the people who are dead-set in their ways and believe that everyone is out to get them. It’s sad to think about, but perhaps these kinds of people have lost something or someone in their lives that caused them to turn into a negative person. You have to let these people find happiness themselves if they are close-minded.

On that note, don’t stop trying to be a people-pleaser. You are commendable for trying to help as many people as you can. That is a great goal in life that you should never lose sight of.


Stress to Simplicity


It’s interesting how one day I wake up and everything just seems to be falling apart. Loans, paperwork, bills, mortgages… whatever the case may be, it’s overwhelming. These last few weeks before college have proven to be a stressful time-crunch.  Yesterday it felt like nothing was working the way I wanted it to.

But then today finally arrives! All of a sudden, it was like all of my previous worries were being taken care of. Today was the day of taking action I guess. So what caused this sporadic change from stress to simplicity? I know I attest my positive results to the moment of levelheadedness that I had yesterday. In the midst of all the problems, I stopped and kept reminding myself to just “keep moving forward”. I also told myself, “Don’t take the easy way out”. The easy way out would’ve been to drop the loan I was pursuing. Even though that would’ve been temporarily easy, it would’ve meant more work in the long run after pursuing a new loan.

There are actually a few life lessons: The ones I previously stated above in quotes, and- everything will work out in the end as long as you keep a positive attitude and outlook of the future.

Love Yourself

ImageOne of the biggest disservices you can do for yourself is to not like oneself. Hating yourself for something you did in your past is unhealthy and can lead you down a depressing path. In this case, you have to make peace with yourself. “How do I do that?” Clear your conscience: apologize, offer help, be nice, do good, make the effort to right the wrongs. Once you do that, you’ll look at life differently. You’ll see the joy that comes out of knowing you brightened someone’s day, even if you did so in a small way. After doing this enough, being nice will just come naturally to you. And In return, you will find a love for yourself in knowing that you make the world a better place.

Hating yourself based on your own appearance is another common problem. You might find someone who is never happy with their own natural beauty. They’re the ones who constantly feel the need to add gobs of make-up on or make life-lasting alterations to their physical appearance. Those are the people who need a compliment every now-and-then. Believe it or not, one compliment goes a long way. You know that feeling you get when someone says, “Your hair looks pretty” or “I like you, not sure why, but I do”. You can’t help but smile! That one little smile lifted your spirits, so go out there and make more people smile! You’ll help that person find ways to love him/herself, and in turn, you too will receive compliments. That’s how it works!

Pets – How They Help You!

Did you know that playing with pets can reduce stress, improve your health and make your day better?  Dogs and cats are great pets to have because they respond to you and show affection.  They accept you as you are (unconditional love) and they don’t argue with you.  Typically, they love to be wanted and give you a greater sense of purpose.  Just playing with or petting a dog or cat can calm you down & relax you.   This can put a smile on your face and be a major benefit to reduce or eliminate  stress.  Consequently, because stress is a major cause of all sorts of health issues, this de-stressing with your pet can help prevent illness.  Pretty cool, huh?

I know it works for me.  I have a dog who always greets me very excitedly whenever I’ve been away and come home.  Seeing her like that immediately lifts my spirits.  I also enjoy playing with her & relaxing with her too.  In that past I’ve had cats & horses.  They’re great as well because they’re so appreciative.  I use to have an aquarium and a koi pond, and even though you don’t pet fish and they don’t really respond to you other than feeding time, just watching them swim relaxes you and has the same stress-reducing benefits. Relaxation is one of the vital keys to achieving happiness and good health.

Happiness – How To Achieve it, How To Maintain It

A lot of people think that happiness is out there somewhere and they have to go and get it.  The truth of it is, it’s within you and you just have to uncover it. 

Well, how do you do that when it seems so elusive at times? 

One word – gratitude.

 Look at your life and recognize the good in it.  Make a list of all the things that are good and that you are grateful for.   Some of the things you should be grateful for might be overlooked or taken for granted.  But imagine what it would be like if they didn’t exist!

If you have a tough time starting this list, look around you.  Be grateful for the roof over your head, the water you drink and clean with, your food, your books, pencils, paper, TV, toys etc.  Most of us are surrounded by material things that help us.   More importantly, look at yourself.  If you have eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to walk with, hands to do things with, the ability to speak ; you should be grateful for whatever physical attributes you have.  Also list your accomplishments.  What have you done?  Can you read, ride a bike, play an instrument, make someone smile? 

When you start making a list, you’ll see that you have a lot to be grateful for.  Gratitude is a feeling of well-being which brings about happiness.  You can’t feel good and bad at the same time.  So if you start to dwell on what you don’t have, or what’s missing, immediately start thinking of everything you’re grateful for.  Happiness can then come to you which will give you the energy to create what it is you do want or what you feel might be missing.

Look at it this way:  Happiness is like Dorothy and the ruby slippers on the Wizard of Oz.  She always had the power to get what she wanted; she just had to recognize that she did and discover how to use it.  Same goes for you.  Happiness is with you.  Know it, discover it, and use it!