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The Birth of a New Gaming Genre

Very few games have ever made me feel something. Video games today have come so far where it feels like a step above a movie-watching experience. Instead of just consuming information, you actively make decisions that can shape your experience and even the game’s narrative in some cases. This gaming formula was most certainly prevalent in a game I just finished called Firewatch.

Instead of me simply reviewing this game, giving it a numerical score, and filing it away in my memory of good games, I need to take my experience a step further. Upon completion of Firewatch I remember just sitting still, staring blankly at the screen, thinking, “That’s it?” It’s true; the final act seemed almost lackluster and anticlimactic. The gamer in me wanted more… Like a twist ending that would’ve been formulaic, fitting and entertaining. But what actually transpired was a conclusion that left me wanting more. At that moment of still feeling hungry for more, I started mentally retracing my steps through the game’s story. I was looking for flaws, unanswered questions, or a hidden gem of information.

Yes, this game actually made me physically write out my thoughts. Most games don’t do that for me. Yes, this game made me write a blog post about it. No game has ever done that for me. Which brings me back to what this game made me feel.

Playing this game made me feel detached from societal norms, and was a refreshing simulator in a world full of first-person shooters. I don’t consider myself the emotional type, but what this game did for me was sort of place me in the shoes of one character in particular. I truly pondered what I would have done given the same traumatic situation. Though, I don’t want to specify which character in Firewatch made me feel this way. My intent isn’t to spoil the story because I think it’s an experience that even non-gamers should have.

One final point I’d like to make is that Firewatch made me think there should be a new genre to categorize games that present a thought-provoking story in the time-frame of a movie or short book. I’d like to coin the term “gamella”. Pronounced gu-mella, it’s a combination of a video game and a novella. In order for a video game to fit into this genre, it needs to be a short game. They usually range from $15 to $20 and present a 4 to 6 hour experience. The game also needs to be story-driven, and finish with an overarching theme or life-revelation. Firewatch fits the bill in its entirety. Some other fitting games of the term gamella include Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Journey, and The Unfinished Swan.

In short, I had to write about Firewatch because I really want more people to feel what I felt from this game. If you’re not a gamer, that’s okay because this game has intuitive controls and simple enough direction. You’ll never really be scratching your head, wondering what to do next because the constant dialogue makes your objective clear. If you’re on the edge about buying this game, let me make it simple for you… Just do it.

Disclaimer: The picture featured within this article belongs to Campo Santo. (Video game developer of Firewatch).


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How to be an Assassin

This is a comedic short film. Go to my channel, http://www.youtube.com/flixonix and subscribe to Flixonix on Youtube for more funny videos every week.

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Writer’s Block

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How to be a Sheriff

This is my latest YouTube video in my aThott series. I made this video with my buddy Xan, and I hope you get a kick out of it. We had a great time making this! Check out my other videos on my channel, just search “flixonix” on YouTube. Please subscribe and look forward to new fun videos every week.

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aThott- Freaky People

This was a weird experience I had while driving through a town. Let me know what you think and check out my YouTube channel, Flixonix, for more videos. I make new videos every week so make sure you subscribe. Thanks!!!

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How to Procrastinate

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aThott: The Good Old Days

Everyone’s got a hobby… wouldn’t it be cool if your hobby became your job? That’s what I work towards achieving through my YouTube videos. I absolutely love every step in film production. From writing the script, to filming, to making the dream become a reality in editing. This is what I love to do! As I touched upon in an earlier post, I run a video series called “aThott”. I bring up thought provoking ideas while inserting humorous scenarios throughout the episodes. I would be extremely grateful if you would give a moment of your time to watching some of my content. Please subscribe to my channel, Flixonix, on YouTube if you like what you see. I will be making new videos every week and new blog-posts every day in an effort to reach my goal at turning my passion into my career. More importantly, my upmost goal is to help others in some fashion through my words and videos.

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What Happened, and What Will Happen

mother_and_son_posters-r992cd2bcad3e48008119510fb34e7b25_azsy4_8byvr_512Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you’ve done in recent past? From what you did a couple minutes ago, to what you did a couple years ago. I think a lot about the past two years of my life, perhaps to simply find satisfaction in the things I’ve done. I finished off my junior and senior years in yet another new school. Yet I keep asking myself if I did the right thing in my new high school. It’s sad to reflect upon my academic performance this way, but I just feel like I could’ve achieved so much more. The new school environment just didn’t feel right. You’re probably thinking that I should’ve been able to adapt to a new school just fine after doing it once before, and writing a book about my experience. But something life changing happened this second time I switched schools. During my first move, I had all my family members right beside me… guiding me down the right path. I mostly have my mother to thank for my strong performance in my first new school. She was awesome! She was the one who persisted that I write a book about my move and achievements, with the sole purpose of helping others. But then, right when I moved again, my mother unexpectedly passed away. The number one driving force to guide me to achieve great things, was now gone… and she wasn’t coming back. I can’t forget to mention my dad though; He’s done a great job juggling the new family responsibilities he was forced to take control of. But I guess this is what I keep reminding myself of… Experiencing the early loss of my mother made my thoughts scatter out of control during my last two years of high school. I was no longer very interested in socializing, or extracurricular activities, or chasing after a girl. That was all put on hold, as my family came first. But I can say at this point, things are looking up. Family matters have improved over time and I’m ready give my 100% effort going into college. Everything you read probably seemed really depressing, and I don’t want anyone to be left feeling down. That’s why I’d like to direct you to my YouTube channel, where you can find a wide selection of upbeat and helpful videos. I have a video series called “aThott” where I give practical advice to certain life situations. Throughout these episodes I give comical examples and scenarios to these challenges. I encourage you to check out my channel(Flixonix), at the link below.

Thank you, and don’t forget to check back for more daily posts and fun stuff!

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