When Opportunity Knocks

An opportunity by definition is “an appropriate or favorable time or occasion; a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal; a good position, chance or prospect for advancement or success.” (www.dictionary.com 2011)

The important thing is to seize an opportunity when it appears, because these chances will show up, but then often quickly disappear. Opportunities won’t wait for you to just sit around; you have to take action right away. If you don’t, you might lose your chance to take advantage of it.  It could be a long time before it or something like it comes along again, or it may never come along again.  So look at an opportunity that’s in front of you and ask yourself if this would be good for you?  If so . . . go for it . . . that’s what life is all about . . . having great experiences!

Let me give you an example: If your math teacher gives you a chance to re-take a test that you did poorly on, you probably want to grab-a-hold of that opportunity instantly. You can’t wait to tell your teacher that you want to take it later because your teacher will only give you this chance once at a specific time. If you miss this chance, then guess what… you’re stuck with a bad grade.  If you seize the opportunity & retake the test after putting in a little more study effort . . . you could dramatically improve your grade! That’s how opportunities work! They’re in your favor, but not for long if you don’t take action on them. So when the next opportunity knocks, say yes and just do it for your own benefit!

And let me just state, so we’re clear, that everyone needs to use their head about this.  If an “opportunity” comes up that could put you or others in danger, then obviously that’s not the kind of opportunity we’re talking about.  Opportunity, as stated in the 1st sentence, refers to something positive that you can take advantage of and benefit from.


Confidence- Why Is This So Important?

What is it? 
Confidence is being sure of oneself; having no uncertainty. Confidence is when you believe in yourself and you aren’t afraid of what might happen. A confident individual knows that they have the power to accomplish anything.

Why is it important?  
Confidence is crucial to achieve success. People like being around others who are confident.  People respect others who are confident.  People feel confident around others who are confident and feel they can trust the confident person.  People want to do business with others who are confident. Image a hairstylist for example who wasn’t confident.  Would you pay them to sit in their chair and cut your hair if they can’t even handle the scissors properly?

How do you achieve confidence?
It’s all about putting yourself in the proper mindset. Keep telling yourself, that you will do well at anything you set your mind to. And keep practicing things that you may be afraid of.  As you continue to get better through repetition, this will boost your confidence and will help you overcome the fears that hold you back.

And remember, if you want respect (and who doesn’t) be confident and be nice.  That’s a winning combination!

Work Now, Play Later

This is a principle you should live by your life long.  Kids should do this as well as adults.  It’s something you ought to be doing every day.  It’s also important to have balance in your day, so here’s the best way to do that:

Know what you have to do every day.  Making a list is helpful.  Do the important things first.  Some things on your list might be homework, study for a test, write a report, and chores.  Once you get the “work” done, then is the time to do the things you like.  At that point, go out, play, & have fun!

Starting on this path while you’re young, will help you tremendously as an adult.  That’s important because when you’re an adult, that’s when you can really create the lifestyle you want if you have good habits and good work ethics in place.  So start now and practice this every day!

Try this little trick!

What is a Positive Attitude?

I figured I should cover this since I’ve been talking a lot about keeping a positive attitude in most of my posts. And quite frankly, a lot of people either don’t know what it means to be positive, or they know it but choose not to practice making positivity a part of their lives. Many people don’t even know that they’ve developed a habit of negative thinking.  What I mean by this is they tend to look for or “see” bad things in a situation.  They tend to be very skeptical and untrusting in a way that becomes unhealthy. 

So let me try to make this practical:  Being positive is when you think about good things. You imagine an optimistic outcome to every situation, even when times get really tough. You’ve probably heard this one before… imagine the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Simply think in happy ways, don’t think that the world is out to get you or that you’re destined for failure, because that’s simply not true.  You’re actually programmed to win . . . you just need to tap into that program! 

Really consider how you’ve been thinking lately… Have you been angry or frustrated a lot ? Then think about things that make you happy and put you in a good mood. You’ll be surprised at how a simple transition of thoughts can change your mood and make your experience in your day so much better!  It’s a great place to start . . . then watch your life change for the better!

Dealing With Change

Are you more attracted to keeping things the way they are, or are you happy to experience change. Well if you’re afraid of change, or just don’t like undergoing change, then its time to change that (no pun intended).  Why do I say that?  Because you’re going to experience changes all the time, it’s just a natural occurrence of life. I speak from experience especially where it comes to big changes. You probably already know that I have moved from a school that I truly loved going to where I had a lot of close friends and great teachers.  From there, I went to a school I knew nothing about.  I could have let this freak me out, but what good would that do?  So I just started to imagine all the things I wanted in a new school and worked on making that happen.

You have to understand that change can be a good thing! It’s important to not look at changes like it’s going to be the end of the world. Always keep a positive attitude and consider all the good that can come about from what has changed in your life. Trying new things and exploring what life has to offer can be both fun and very rewarding!

I know that many of us become attached to the way things are because we’re used to it . . . it feels “comfortable”.  This can make us want to resist change even though it may be exactly what we need.  But life is not stagnant, and changes will happen whether we want them or not.  It’s far better to work with those changes rather than work against them.  Behind the initial discomfort of change, you will likely find excitement and energy that will enrich your life.  Just trust the changes that come and trust yourself to embrace them.

Obstacles – Taking it a Step Further

Everything happens for a reason.  There’s even a reason for the “bad” things that happen in your life.  Did you know that you’re meant to get something good out of those times?  I know it might seem hard to believe, but it’s true.  If you put your mind to it, you can usually find a way to create something positive out of a bad situation.  A lot of times, you’ll see a positive outcome once you figure out what to do and take action to get the result you want.  Other times, you might not see the positive result until a long time down the road.  But don’t lose hope, something good will come out of it if you focus your energy in that direction and then look for the positive end result. 

My book is packed with examples in my life where I found myself in “bad” situations.  But each and every time, I figured my way out of them. And get this . . . here’s the good news . . . I even found that my results turned out better than expected.  In other words, I was better off with the new results compared to the way they would have remained if the “bad” didn’t show up.

You can get a hold of my book by clicking on this link (kids, get your parents before you do this):

Oftentimes, bad situations are growth opportunities in disguise.  They are there to make you better and stronger.  Things that appear as obstacles, when handled correctly, can even catapult you to a higher level of success than you ever though possible. If you take the time to understand this and know how to work it, you’re life will be rich in so many ways!

Obstacles – What to do Now!

We come across obstacles throughout life… but the important thing is to never let these obstacles get in your way. Don’t let problems bring you down.  Instead, figure out a way to solve them.  When putting some effort toward problem solving, you often fix your situation and make the problem go away.  Then everything starts working smoothly again!

Let me give an example: you wake up and get ready to go to school, but when you finally reach your first class of the day… you realize that you don’t have your homework ! You forgot your lunch at home, and your teacher tells you that you have a pop-quiz… too bad you weren’t paying attention all week. Oh yeah, AND… you’re in the wrong class! WOW!!! You must be having one heck of a day! Needless to say, you seemed to have run into a whole lot of obstacles all at once. But let’s break this down and think about it… You’re in the wrong classroom so immediately fix that by getting to the right one. Consequently, since that wasn’t your teacher, you really don’t have a pop-quiz! And if you forgot your lunch, call home and see if someone can bring it to school, or borrow some money from a friend to buy lunch. So we’ve solved all of the problems but one… the homework you don’t have. Well, you can always check your backpack or locker and see if you left it somewhere. But if you forgot to do it, don’t worry about it. Ask your teacher if it’s alright to take an extra day to work on it. Normally a teacher should allow that, even if it means getting a little less credit for doing your homework. See! That wasn’t so bad after you really focus on solving the problem and evading the obstacle. It just takes a positive attitude, simple as that!

So, the bottom line is:  don’t worry and whine about things expecting someone else to figure stuff out for you.  Also don’t accept the problem without trying to correct it.  There’s so much to gain when you work on making things right!

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I’ll dig a little deeper into obstacles.