On-line Fundraiser

Hey everyone . . . my class is doing a fundraiser.  This is REALLY cool!  This is the time of year that people order their photo holiday cards on line as well as presents for their friends and family.  Well, we’ve partnered with VistaPrint to provide you with a 25% discount on anything you order from my class’s site! 

This site is super fun to check out & wicked easy to order really neat stuff from.  You and your friends will be happy with what you receive and my class will benefit as well.  If we get enough orders, we’d like to donate some of the funds to a local children’s campground that we did some work at this spring.

Help yourself and help us out by clicking on :   http://vistaprint.com/DHS2013


Summer Job – Fun in the Sun!

My partner A.J. and me

Sun, water, boats, pool, pond, kids, kids, and more kids!  What could be more fun than that!  And I get paid to get a tan! 

That’s what I’ve been doing lately.   I’ve taken on a job as life guard this summer. I work at a camp in the country, in a beautiful state forest that caters to inner city kids.  Many of the children and teens we work with live very challenging lives.  This camp is a place for them to get away from it all, and learn about living a peaceful and purposeful life.  

I have to admit, my role is straight forward.  As a lifeguard, I watch everyone in the water and help keep things under control.  Part of my day is spent at the pool, and partly at the pond where campers get to enjoy boating, fishing, and “frogging”. 

This opportunity came about as a result of figuring out how to turn a negative situation into a positive one.  More on that another time.

For My International Friends

If you’re interested in logging on to  my VistaPrrint site and reside in Australia or Europe, you’ll want to use the following URL’s: 

Australia:        www.vistaprint.com.au/nicksgoalAU       
Europe:   www.vistaprint.co.uk/nicksgoalUK

Otherwise, US & Canadian residents go here:  www.vistaprint.com/nicksgoal

To take advanatage of connecting to my account with the discount pricing, it’s important that /nicksgoal is in the URL.  To be sure you’re in the right place, the top of the VistaPrint website will have a blue paw print and these words in red:  “Nick’s Goal,    . . .  (etc.)  25% OFF site wide”.

VistaPrint – What’s That???

 It’s Awesome!   VistaPrint is a company that produces really fun & high quality customized items that anyone can use.  I teamed up with them earlier in the year to form a mutually beneficial partnership.  I help them market their products through my website www.vistaprint.com/nicksgoal and they pay me a percentage of every sale I make!  On top of that, all my customers benefit by enjoying a 25% discount (or more in some cases) on everything they order!  What’s better than that!  A true win-win-win all the way around!

 So how did I start this at the age of 14?  Well, it’s a fundraiser!  Kids everywhere do fundraisers right?  This is just cutting edge & I happen to stumble upon it!  No bugging friends neighbors and family, no paper orders to take, no money to collect, no products to hand out!  Each customer just goes online to my site, browses the selections, finds what they want at their own pace and places the order!  Many people have said that the site is easy to use and a lot of fun.  This, in my opinion, revolutions the concept of fund-raisers!

 My site will be active through the remainder of the year.  I originally set it up to help pay my way to the NSLC Conference.  Further sales from this site will be applied to another educational endeavor tbd in the near future. 

Check it out and play around on the site and see what you can create!  (But don’t order anything without your parents approval!)