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“The elevator t…

“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.”
– Joe Girard


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Bossy Strangers

ImageHave you ever had a complete stranger try to tell you what to do? It’s like their pushing their weight around. What if that bossy stranger was older, and bigger than you? Then it definitely goes to show that the guy thinks he has authority and just likes to belittle others. So how would this situation make you feel? If you were ever in a similar circumstance, you probably didn’t say anything to the bossy guy at first. But then, you probably regretted not standing up for yourself, and started thinking about ways you could get back at him. This happens… you’re going to be put into tough situations where you have to think on your feet. Some of us are better at doing this than others.

 You have two different people in scenarios like this:

  1. A person who can instantly come up with something to say to defend themselves.
  2. A person who thinks before he speaks… says something… and then thinks again after he speaks while replaying the whole situation in his mind.

Neither person #1 or #2 is better than the other. People just have different ways of thinking. Sometimes you’ll catch someone at a difficult time in their personal life, where they’re thinking so much that they can’t act like person #1.

 Getting back to the stranger who likes to boss us around… If you’re like person #1, say something quick like you always do, but don’t say anything offensive (obviously). Remember, this particular guy is older and bigger than you, so you better be really good at shutting that guy down, while preventing any potential arguments. (Good luck with that, it’s not always easy.)

If you’re like person #2, you’re probably going to end up saying something that won’t cause further problems. But you’ll still rethink what you said afterwards, and wish you said something else. Word of advice- If you responded with something that didn’t make you look weak, while still preventing any further issue, then rest assured, you did the right thing.

 Good luck to all of you, problems can pop up every now and then. It’s up to you to keep the piece and say the right things. You will help us all in making this world a better place. 

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aThott- Freaky People

This was a weird experience I had while driving through a town. Let me know what you think and check out my YouTube channel, Flixonix, for more videos. I make new videos every week so make sure you subscribe. Thanks!!!

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Rise and Shine!

ImageRemember the days in grade school when everyone would be asking each other, “How late did you stay up last night?” It was cool if you stayed up until midnight, or even later! At that age I could never stay up late because I was pretty much out of commission by 9:30. Plus, my mom taught me to go to bed early so I could wake up early. She felt that I got the best work done when my mind was fresh from waking up. 

There is some truth to this: As you go about your day your mind gets filled with new ideas and thoughts, which could make it more challenging to focus on work. Your mind will be uninterrupted right when you wake up, and you might notice how beneficial the quiet work environment is when the family is still asleep. There are other bright sides to waking up extra early: (no pun intended)

1. You could go for an early morning walk right as the sun starts to rise. There’s a vibrant color in the sky, and the tranquility of untouched nature will be refreshing.

2. Notice how public schools start classes early the morning. Their students perform better at those early hours.

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“The best reven…

“The best revenge is massive success.”
-Frank Sinatra

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Is it called Home?

ImageYou might be able to relate to this: I’ll be out with my family at a restaurant and when we’re almost done eating I’ll say, “I’m ready to go home”. But the thing is, we aren’t actually going “home” afterwards. I was actually talking about the place that we would be sleeping that night. It’s more suitable to call this destination a “home-base”. Why? Because it’s not the place I’ve grown up in, and it’s not like I keep all my personal stuff in this home-base. It’s just where my family and I will be spending the night. You know what I’m talking about?

My question is, why do we call this place a home when we’re out and about? Is it a spur-of-the-moment brain failure? Or could it be some sort of simple animalistic trait in us, telling us to just say “home” because that’s where we’ll be “nesting” that night?… No, definitely not THAT! Who knows, it’s interesting to think about. Leave a comment telling us why you think we say “home” when we’re not going home.

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Image…we’re surrounded by them. For some people it’s impossible to get the simplest job done without something taking their attention away from the task at hand. The doctors of the world have a special name for this: Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). But why? If you were “diagnosed” with ADD, why must you go through life thinking that you’re diseased?

*Simple Suggestion- Don’t just take the doctor’s word for it. Sure you might space out at times, but who’s to say that’s a disorder? Be proud of who you are. We’re all different, we’re all special.

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A “huh.” Moment

ImageAs I was on my way to my bedroom last night, I looked into my sister’s room. It was nearly empty, with only a few things left behind.(Her bed frame, mini fridge, and pink desk chair amongst other things). My sister wasn’t home, so I walked into her room, turned the light on, and sat in her chair. Then as I was looking at the now bare walls of her old room, an interesting thought crossed my mind. I’m the college-bound kid, but I’m not the one cleaning out my room and moving out of the house. Rather, my younger sister is the one who’s packing up and moving out. Things seemed flip-flopped to me. I guess you could say this was one of those “huh” moments. Not a “huh?” moment, but a “huh.” moment. You know, like when something suddenly yet gently comes to your realization.

I just wanted to let you all know about my mini thought provoking experience last night. These kind of moments will happen to you from time to time- How you react is completely up to you.

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Guilty Pleasures

Image We all have something that we like to do or play with that we keep secret from others. It could be a certain type of toy that you’ve liked collecting ever since you were a kid. Or you might like scrap-booking or keeping a journal. There’s no shame in any of these activities, but for some reason, we don’t like to share our “guilty pleasures” with others. Take a second to think about why that is. Maybe you’re afraid of how people will react. Before you know it, people are spreading rumors and your reputation is ruined. Okay… that was a little too dramatic. The key is to be proud of whatever you like to do. If you end up telling someone about your guilty pleasure, you got to “play it up”. Talk about it like it’s the coolest thing: “Yeah I play with Legos, they’re freaking awesome!” or “Dude, Dungeons and Dragons is the best game ever, you should try it!” If you have a strong passion and stay cool about it, people will accept you for who you are.

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How to Procrastinate

Check out my latest video in the aThott series. If you like what you see, go over to YouTube and “like” the video. You can also subscribe to my channel, Flixonix, and look forward to seeing new videos every week. Thank you!

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