When Opportunity Knocks

An opportunity by definition is “an appropriate or favorable time or occasion; a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal; a good position, chance or prospect for advancement or success.” (www.dictionary.com 2011)

The important thing is to seize an opportunity when it appears, because these chances will show up, but then often quickly disappear. Opportunities won’t wait for you to just sit around; you have to take action right away. If you don’t, you might lose your chance to take advantage of it.  It could be a long time before it or something like it comes along again, or it may never come along again.  So look at an opportunity that’s in front of you and ask yourself if this would be good for you?  If so . . . go for it . . . that’s what life is all about . . . having great experiences!

Let me give you an example: If your math teacher gives you a chance to re-take a test that you did poorly on, you probably want to grab-a-hold of that opportunity instantly. You can’t wait to tell your teacher that you want to take it later because your teacher will only give you this chance once at a specific time. If you miss this chance, then guess what… you’re stuck with a bad grade.  If you seize the opportunity & retake the test after putting in a little more study effort . . . you could dramatically improve your grade! That’s how opportunities work! They’re in your favor, but not for long if you don’t take action on them. So when the next opportunity knocks, say yes and just do it for your own benefit!

And let me just state, so we’re clear, that everyone needs to use their head about this.  If an “opportunity” comes up that could put you or others in danger, then obviously that’s not the kind of opportunity we’re talking about.  Opportunity, as stated in the 1st sentence, refers to something positive that you can take advantage of and benefit from.