We’ve all probably felt this way before. Impatience is a strong emotion that stimulates your sense of urgency. This is often due to having a desire to do something, but outside sources are preventing you from doing that thing at that instance.

Example: Have you ever been really anxious for a new movie or video-game to come out?  It probably feels like that moment or day will never come. Well, getting over the impatience is easy… just find something else to do to occupy your time. Simply go have fun doing something else. They say that time flies when you’re having fun!

How about this one?  Have you ever been really bored in a class, itching for it to end so you can move on to something more exciting?  You know what . . . just be patient and try to get the most out of it. There’s not much you can do in that case. But here’s something to consider . . . A lot of times being bored in a class is due to a person’s lack of paying attention.  So what do you do?  You guessed it . . . pay attention!  When you allow your ears to hear and your brain to process the information, you’ll see how the subject suddenly becomes interesting.  It’s just a matter of not letting your mind wander. If you are actively involved in class, the time will seem to go by much faster, and consequently, your impatience will go away.



Some kids absolutely love their grandparents & love spending time with them, while other kids don’t have much to do with their grandparents.  Why is that?   I think that a lot of times, it’s really about getting to know your grandparents.  Sometimes the kid needs to make the effort to show interest. 

One of the best ways to do that is ask your grandparents about their life as a kid.  You’ll be amazed at what kind of stories they’ll tell you!  Some will be happy, some sad, some about difficult times which makes you appreciate your own life.  In most cases, you’ll learn about life back in the days they were young.  This is a really fun way to learn about history & what life was like in those years, or even in another country.

It’s pretty easy to start a conversation like that . . . just ask something specific like what was school like when they were your age; what did they do for fun; what kinds of foods did they eat that might be different than what you’re use to; what did a typical day look like for them. You’ll probably make them smile and help them into a good mood!  The more interest you show in them, the more interested they’ll be in you!  It’s the same sort of thing you’d do with a regular friend.  So just be their friend and you’ll find that the relationship you can have with your grandparents can be among the best you’ll ever have!

And remember, grandparents just want to give love and be loved in return.


This is a big and serious topic.  No one likes a bully, except maybe other bullies – but “other bullies” sometimes only pretend to like a bully.  Here’s the thing; no one likes to feel bad, not even the bully.  A bully thinks he can feel good by making others feel bad, but the reality of it is he’s probably doing more harm to himself  than the people he’s bothering. This is actually true, whether he/she knows it or not.  Remember, what you put out comes back to you many times over.  Sometimes you experience it right away; sometimes it takes a while . . . but it always comes back to you, and often in ways you never even though of.  So don’t be a bully!  Bullies are part of the problem in society.  As a human being, you were created to be part of the solution!  When you are part of the solution is when you find your true happiness!

So . . . what about kids who experience the outbursts of the bully?  Well, first of all, let’s try to prevent that altogether by recognizing who they are and staying away from them.  Sometimes that’s unavoidable, I know, but really do your best to avoid them and not even make eye contact with them.  Just be confident in yourself and they’re more likely to leave you alone as bullies like to prey on “easy targets”.  Also, surround yourself with good friends who stick up for each other. 

Most schools today have a Zero Tolerance policy towards bullies.  You should check in your schools handbook to find out how this works.  If you encounter a bully, talk about it with your parents or a trusted adult.  They can often help to give you great suggestions.  Depending on the seriousness and/or frequency of the offense(s), you might find that you or a parent might have to take more serious action according to your school policies.     

Here’s something to think about . . .  this subject wouldn’t even be an issue if we were just all nice to each other! 

Cabin Fever Got the Best of You?

It happens to most of us.  Let’s face it . . . if you live in a cold climate during the winter, being cooped up indoors for months on end due to cold and unfriendly weather conditions can get to you and make you crazy. Boredom sets in, you might find yourself getting easily bothered, and you might even feel depressed.

So what can we do about this?

Well, how about finding ways to enjoy the outdoors when it’s not too bad out.  The snow can be so much fun to play in.  Of course there’s sledding, making snow forts and snow sculptures.  You can make random connecting trails in the snow with your feet to create the chase & capture game of cat & mouse with a few friends – this is a riot and will really warm you up!  There’s also both downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating where it’s safe. All these activities can make living in a winter climate really enjoyable.  They’re fun, they warm you up, and you burn off energy!

Otherwise, if the outside is not your thing, you’ll just have to get creative indoors.  This is a great time to break out the board games, and the deck of cards that have been sitting in the closet.  Also a great time learn to play a musical instrument, and for craft projects, painting, drawing, cooking, and learning just about anything you might consider to be a fun hobby.  This is also an excellent time to clear out the clutter and rearrange your room. 

And remember . . . winter doesn’t last forever.  Fortunately we have 3 other seasons to enjoy, and spring is just around the corner!