Next Time You Text, Consider This:

Texting has become a trend . . .  practically everyone loves to text on their cell phones. It’s now a common form of communication. But the question is, what’s the limit? How do you know if you’ve gone overboard with texting? Simple, if you spend any more than a few minutes at a time texting on your phone, that’s way too much.

Texting can be great if you have a quick message to pass along – that’s what it was designed for.  It was not intended to replace speaking with your voice. Wouldn’t you rather see the person you’re talking to or at least hear their voice if you can’t be together…rather than pressing a bunch of key on a tiny keypad? When you think about it, texting wastes a lot of time!  It’s much quicker to speak what’s on your mind instead of  typing it out. Besides being a time-waster, another very big problem with this impersonal form of communication is that often, your text messages can and will be interpreted the wrong way by the person receiving the text. This is because neither one of you can notice crucial details like a person’s tone of voice or facial expressions. Many misunderstandings, unnecessary arguments, and delayed solutions to problems have all occurred due to this inferior form of communication.  There is a time and a place for texting, just understand when that is so you don’t create problems for yourself or others. 

Here’s something else to consider… it’s called “text talk.” That refers to those little abbreviations that you use when texting, like “ttyl”(talk to you later), “lol”(laugh out loud), and “u”(you). If you get so accustomed to writing this way through texting, you might just find yourself slipping up on a test or writing assignment in school, consequently losing points.  Bottom line, next time you pick up the phone, instead of texting a greeting to your best friend, call them! That’s what phones are for! Talking in person is definitely the way to go.


Feeling down? Crank up the music!

We should all recognize that music is very powerful. It’s not just some beat that we like listening to… It’s much more than that. Music has the power to affect our emotions and feelings. When you’re feeling upset or down about something unfortunate that just happened, don’t listen to songs about sadness… that’s just feeding into the negative emotions. Instead, counter those unhappy feelings with positivity. Turn on some upbeat music! When you’re listening to something pleasant, you’re taking your mind off of the negative thoughts that were going on in your mind. But what if you like those unhappy kinds of songs? Fine… listen to them all you want, but just not when you’re down.  That’ll make you feel worse.  Remember, let the music help you get back into a healthy frame of mind.  Make good music a part of your life!

Paper or Plastic?

You probably already know the answer . . . it’s neither!  What am I talking about?  The check out line at the grocery store.  Some stores ask you if you want your groceries in paper or plastic bags.  Here’s the problem w/ that – either choice presents an environmental issue.  Paper is made of trees and the more paper bags being used, the more trees have to get cut down.  Our planet needs trees in order to be healthy.  There is already a problem w/ too little trees on our earth because of people cutting them down for things like paper and building materials. 

Plastic is a problem because it does not break down very well, therefore pollutes our earth if not properly re-cycled. 

The best alternative is to purchase a few reusable bags and bring them with you every time you shop.  They are made from recycled material, are real sturdy, and last a very long time.  You can find these in most stores for only a dollar or two.  Even department stores carry these to encourage their use.  The next time you go to the grocery store or a department store where you’re buying a lot of items – or someone else is, notice how many bags the cashier uses to pack people’s stuff!  What a waste!  So remember to re-use & recycle –  you’ll be helping our planet and everyone on it!

Pets – How They Help You!

Did you know that playing with pets can reduce stress, improve your health and make your day better?  Dogs and cats are great pets to have because they respond to you and show affection.  They accept you as you are (unconditional love) and they don’t argue with you.  Typically, they love to be wanted and give you a greater sense of purpose.  Just playing with or petting a dog or cat can calm you down & relax you.   This can put a smile on your face and be a major benefit to reduce or eliminate  stress.  Consequently, because stress is a major cause of all sorts of health issues, this de-stressing with your pet can help prevent illness.  Pretty cool, huh?

I know it works for me.  I have a dog who always greets me very excitedly whenever I’ve been away and come home.  Seeing her like that immediately lifts my spirits.  I also enjoy playing with her & relaxing with her too.  In that past I’ve had cats & horses.  They’re great as well because they’re so appreciative.  I use to have an aquarium and a koi pond, and even though you don’t pet fish and they don’t really respond to you other than feeding time, just watching them swim relaxes you and has the same stress-reducing benefits. Relaxation is one of the vital keys to achieving happiness and good health.

Try this little trick!

What is a Positive Attitude?

I figured I should cover this since I’ve been talking a lot about keeping a positive attitude in most of my posts. And quite frankly, a lot of people either don’t know what it means to be positive, or they know it but choose not to practice making positivity a part of their lives. Many people don’t even know that they’ve developed a habit of negative thinking.  What I mean by this is they tend to look for or “see” bad things in a situation.  They tend to be very skeptical and untrusting in a way that becomes unhealthy. 

So let me try to make this practical:  Being positive is when you think about good things. You imagine an optimistic outcome to every situation, even when times get really tough. You’ve probably heard this one before… imagine the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Simply think in happy ways, don’t think that the world is out to get you or that you’re destined for failure, because that’s simply not true.  You’re actually programmed to win . . . you just need to tap into that program! 

Really consider how you’ve been thinking lately… Have you been angry or frustrated a lot ? Then think about things that make you happy and put you in a good mood. You’ll be surprised at how a simple transition of thoughts can change your mood and make your experience in your day so much better!  It’s a great place to start . . . then watch your life change for the better!

Dealing With Change

Are you more attracted to keeping things the way they are, or are you happy to experience change. Well if you’re afraid of change, or just don’t like undergoing change, then its time to change that (no pun intended).  Why do I say that?  Because you’re going to experience changes all the time, it’s just a natural occurrence of life. I speak from experience especially where it comes to big changes. You probably already know that I have moved from a school that I truly loved going to where I had a lot of close friends and great teachers.  From there, I went to a school I knew nothing about.  I could have let this freak me out, but what good would that do?  So I just started to imagine all the things I wanted in a new school and worked on making that happen.

You have to understand that change can be a good thing! It’s important to not look at changes like it’s going to be the end of the world. Always keep a positive attitude and consider all the good that can come about from what has changed in your life. Trying new things and exploring what life has to offer can be both fun and very rewarding!

I know that many of us become attached to the way things are because we’re used to it . . . it feels “comfortable”.  This can make us want to resist change even though it may be exactly what we need.  But life is not stagnant, and changes will happen whether we want them or not.  It’s far better to work with those changes rather than work against them.  Behind the initial discomfort of change, you will likely find excitement and energy that will enrich your life.  Just trust the changes that come and trust yourself to embrace them.