Do Something Great for Yourself!

The year’s almost over, and it’s time to think about your new resolution for 2011.
So what is a resolution?  It’s a solution to a problem or a solution to acquiring something you want, and the decision (resolve) to carry out the solution.  Simply put, it’s setting yourself up for success, and not only that, but taking consistent action to accomplish your goal.

So why are so many people into New Year’s Resolutions?  Well, think about it, New Years Day is the start of a brand new year.  With that fresh start, many people like to start on a new path to a better life in some way.  It could be better grades in school, which would mean making an improved study plan, it could be getting great at a sport or physical activity which would mean getting involved in a program, team, practice schedule or lessons in the sport you’re interested in.  For some it may mean getting in better physical shape which would include an exercise routine or some sort of regular physical activity and good eating habits.

Take advantage of this time of year to set some good goals for yourself.  Write out your goals and write out a plan of action – you know – steps that you will take so you can actually reach your goal.  Make a time-line.  I suggest getting a calendar and writing the steps you’ll take each day in it.  Then check the calendar daily and actually do what you set out to until your goal is achieved.  When you’ve reached your goal, set a new and exciting goal using the same process, so you’re constantly learning, growing, and improving. 

And have fun with this!  Give yourself rewards and incentives when you reach a certain level of succes.  This will help to keep you going.


Obstacles – Taking it a Step Further

Everything happens for a reason.  There’s even a reason for the “bad” things that happen in your life.  Did you know that you’re meant to get something good out of those times?  I know it might seem hard to believe, but it’s true.  If you put your mind to it, you can usually find a way to create something positive out of a bad situation.  A lot of times, you’ll see a positive outcome once you figure out what to do and take action to get the result you want.  Other times, you might not see the positive result until a long time down the road.  But don’t lose hope, something good will come out of it if you focus your energy in that direction and then look for the positive end result. 

My book is packed with examples in my life where I found myself in “bad” situations.  But each and every time, I figured my way out of them. And get this . . . here’s the good news . . . I even found that my results turned out better than expected.  In other words, I was better off with the new results compared to the way they would have remained if the “bad” didn’t show up.

You can get a hold of my book by clicking on this link (kids, get your parents before you do this):

Oftentimes, bad situations are growth opportunities in disguise.  They are there to make you better and stronger.  Things that appear as obstacles, when handled correctly, can even catapult you to a higher level of success than you ever though possible. If you take the time to understand this and know how to work it, you’re life will be rich in so many ways!

Obstacles – What to do Now!

We come across obstacles throughout life… but the important thing is to never let these obstacles get in your way. Don’t let problems bring you down.  Instead, figure out a way to solve them.  When putting some effort toward problem solving, you often fix your situation and make the problem go away.  Then everything starts working smoothly again!

Let me give an example: you wake up and get ready to go to school, but when you finally reach your first class of the day… you realize that you don’t have your homework ! You forgot your lunch at home, and your teacher tells you that you have a pop-quiz… too bad you weren’t paying attention all week. Oh yeah, AND… you’re in the wrong class! WOW!!! You must be having one heck of a day! Needless to say, you seemed to have run into a whole lot of obstacles all at once. But let’s break this down and think about it… You’re in the wrong classroom so immediately fix that by getting to the right one. Consequently, since that wasn’t your teacher, you really don’t have a pop-quiz! And if you forgot your lunch, call home and see if someone can bring it to school, or borrow some money from a friend to buy lunch. So we’ve solved all of the problems but one… the homework you don’t have. Well, you can always check your backpack or locker and see if you left it somewhere. But if you forgot to do it, don’t worry about it. Ask your teacher if it’s alright to take an extra day to work on it. Normally a teacher should allow that, even if it means getting a little less credit for doing your homework. See! That wasn’t so bad after you really focus on solving the problem and evading the obstacle. It just takes a positive attitude, simple as that!

So, the bottom line is:  don’t worry and whine about things expecting someone else to figure stuff out for you.  Also don’t accept the problem without trying to correct it.  There’s so much to gain when you work on making things right!

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I’ll dig a little deeper into obstacles.

The Season of Giving

It’s that time of year again . . . when families and friends express their feelings to each other through the giving and receiving of gifts. Sometimes, however, people can be fixated so much on the commercialism, that they forget what this season is all about. It shouldn’t be so much about receiving gifts… although this is a nice part of the holiday. Rather it’s actually more about giving to others.  It’s wonderful to give to those we love and care about which shows our appreciation to them. However it should also be about giving, in some way, to those less fortunate. That could be through kind deeds like helping prepare food baskets for the needy, helping to organize clothing in your community clothes closet, or donating your time, food, un-needed clothes,  toys and other things to those who could use them. There will always be something to give to someone else.  And when you give in a kind and thoughtful way, you will receive so much more in return.

Giving Thanks

Seeing how we just got through the Thanksgiving holiday, I got to thinking about the subject of giving thanks & being grateful.  Hey, you may not realize how important this actually is. It’s just like when someone does something nice for you, you should always say “thank you” to show your appreciation. Well, saying and giving thanks is a bigger deal than you probably thought.

First of all, saying “thank you” makes the other person feel that their efforts were worthwhile and that they truly did do something that helped someone else.  That’s a great feeling to have and is a benefit for them.  And by showing your appreciation, you might just find yourself being the recipient of further benefits yourself – a benefit to you.   

Secondly, in general, you should have the feeling of gratitude for the things that you have as well as for your experiences.  When you feel gratitude, you’re happy, and when you’re happy, you’ll attract more happiness into your life.   Just as bad attracts more negativity, and good attracts more positive experiences . . . being thankful attracts more things to be thankful for.   That’s how it works.