Dealing With Grumpy People

When you’re around someone who’s always angry or mad at something, their attitude can often times have an affect on your own. Before you know it, you could end up feeling upset and become grumpy yourself just by being around them. But, keep in mind that the grouch only has the power to affect your mood if you allow it. 

So what do you do when you encounter a grumpy person?

You could try to help that person by comforting them and asking them what’s wrong. Perhaps you can be sympathetic to their situation and offer a helping hand.  It might even make sense to show them the good in their situation.  It’s always best to help others, and consequently you will end up helping yourself.

Another thought might be (especially if you’re dealing with strangers) to just leave their presence and go hang out with people who are happy and have great attitudes. Being around happier people lifts your spirits and you will find that you too will be happier along with them.


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